Terms & Conditions

1. We reserve the right to remove any book for any reason from the web site.
X rated books are not allowed.
Sexually explicit books intended for children are not allowed.

2. Only Amazon embeds can be uploaded. This is to limit those attempting to place bad pages, redirects and malware.

3. Anyone caught gaming the web site to serve bad content, phishing scams, false redirects to malware or anything other than an Amazon embed will be banned.

4. Ad position will rotate so everyone gets a chance to be the first image on the first page.

5. If you would like your embed removed, please contact us using our contact form. Don't forget to enter the phone number you used to upload your embed so we know it's you.

6. There is no charge at all for you to upload your embed.
The embed redirects visitors to your Amazon page. If a visitor buys your book, fantastic, that's between you and Amazon.
We do not get a percentage of sales.

7. Why are you doing this?
I am an Indie author like yourself. (Maxx Powr (YA & Adult) and T.J. Roberts (MG/YA) are my pen names)

EVERYONE is trying to make money off of you to "help" you push your book. Some are legit businesses, some not so much. That's not a bad thing, but it is an expensive thing.
This is a place where you can place an embed ad without any cost.

8. How will it help me sell more books?
It may and it may not.
Links from other sites to any site typically boost your standing (or hopefully Amazon's listing of your book's page). No guarantees, it's free.

9. Terms may change without notice.
Not trying to be nefarious here, just not sure what to expect.
If you feel something is wrong, contact us.   Contact Us